20 Civil Services Coaching Centres Under Investigation for Misleading Ads

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The CCPA has sent notices to the 20 coaching centres, asking them to explain their claims. The investigation comes after the CCPA slapped fines on two other coaching centres for similar offenses.

The CCPA is investigating the coaching centres for claiming that they have a higher success rate than they actually do, and for using the names and pictures of successful candidates to influence prospective aspirants.

The CCPA says that many coaching centres deliberately conceal important information about successful students. For example, a student may have only taken a free mock interview at a particular coaching centre, but the centre may claim that the student was their student.

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The CCPA says that it is important for coaching centres to disclose the kind of courses that successful students have undertaken with them. This will help prospective students to make informed decisions about which coaching centre to choose.

The CCPA is urging prospective students to do their research before enrolling in a coaching centre. They should check the coaching centre’s track record and the qualifications of its faculty. They should also ask about the kind of courses that are offered and the cost of those courses.

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