Chief Ministers Special Rural Development Fund (CMSRDF)

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The Government of Meghalaya has been implementing the “Chief Minister’s Special Rural Development Fund” since 2000 – 2001 as a component of the special Rural works program.

The primary objective of the program is to generate wage employment and creation of socially and economically useful public assets by involving people’s participation at the grassroots level. The schemes undertaken in the program are varied in nature and are selected by the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and NGOs and are implemented through local durbars and beneficiaries organization under the supervision of respective Deputy Commissioners of the District. The works to be taken up under the chief Minister’s special Rural Development Fund shall include construction of rural roads, footpaths, footbridges’ drainage’ culverts with Hume pipes, improvements of water sources, community halls, multi-purpose buildings’ provision/improvement of rural electrification, school buildings, playground’ schemes such as procurement of equipment, new vehicles like mortuary vans, ambulance, school buses and oxygenated vans for transporting live fish, etc. Eco-friendly innovative projects also will be considered under the scheme. The schemes/projects should not be highly technical in nature and the project cost should be minimized either through convergence or by ensuring people’s contribution. Benefits for Local Area Development

The Chief Minister’s Special Rural Development Fund will be applicable for the rural/semi-rural areas of the state

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  1. CMSRDF shall be through direct participation of the people and not through contractors.
  2. The involvement of the people is through the village Dorbars/Local committees/ Beneficiary Organizations, etc.
  3. The CMSRDF funds should be kept in savings Bank Accounts and the interest earned should be reported to the State Government periodically.
  4. The implementing organizations should prominently display the scheme details ‘ on site/on equipment.
  5. For Local Area Development.


  • Identified by Local MLAs
  • All implementing agencies’ NGOs, etc., should open a Bank Account, jointly operated by two members and funds should be released to their accounts only.
  • If the fund due to be released is above Rs. 50.000 the Block Development Officer concerned should release the same in 2 installments.
  • The fund shall not be allowed to be utilized for land compensation or for payment of salaries and office expenses.
  • A utilization certificate in respect of the amount drawn and utilized should be furnished by the Partner organizations to the Block Development officers concerned for record.
  • If the organization/beneficiaries fail to submit the UC(Utilization Certificate) for first installment and do not claim the second installment after a gap of three years, the particular work or project allotted or executed by them should be deemed as closed and the fund be returned back to the Directorate.
  • Citizens and SHGs in particular may seek the help of their local MLA to avail this scheme.

Application Process


Step 01: The schemes identified and proposed by the village communities, MLAs and/or partner organizations should be submitted along with detailed plans and estimates to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat scheme

Step 02: Any proposal without the plans and estimates or quotation as stated above shall be returned to the proposers by the CM’s secretariat.

Documents Required

  • Bank Account jointly operated by two members
  • Utilization certificate
  • Completion certificate accompanied by photographic evidence
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