Dr. P. G. Solanki Scheme for Loan/Assistance to Medical Post Graduate Doctors of Scheduled Caste


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The scheme “Dr. P. G. Solanki Scheme for Loan/Assistance to Medical Post Graduate Doctors of Scheduled Caste” was launched by the Director Scheduled Caste Welfare, Department of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of Gujarat. The scheme was launched in the year 1982. Under the scheme, loans/financial assistance is given to the Scheduled Caste Medical Post Graduate (M.D/M.S) Doctors to start their independent profession/clinic consultation room, etc.


Loan/Assistance details under the scheme:

  1. Subsidy/assistance of ₹50,000/-.
  2. Loan up to ₹3,00,000/- at an interest rate of 4%.


  1. The applicant should be a Medical Post Graduate (M.D/M.S) Doctor.
  2. The applicant should belong to the Scheduled Caste category.
  3. The benefit of this scheme will be given only to natives of Gujarat state.
  4. There is no income limit.
  5. The applicant availing the benefit of this scheme will not be eligible to avail the benefit of any similar scheme of the Government.
  6. Scheduled Caste students with Graduate Medical (MBBS, B.S.A.M., B.A.M.S. and B.D.S. (Dental) degrees) benefited under the loan/assistance for starting an independent profession. If so, such scheduled caste post graduate doctors will not “entitle” any loan/assistance under this scheme.

Note 01: Loan assistance for margin money from the government will have to be used only for the purpose for which it is given. If found to be used for any other purpose, the amount given as loan assistance will be collected with penal interest from the date of repayment and will also be collected as revenue if required.

Note 02: The sanctioned loan will be recovered over a period of four years in equal monthly instalments after the completion of the instalment including interest on the loan taken by the applicant from the bank or other financial institution or after eight years, whichever is earlier.

Note 03: The applicant will be free to repay the outstanding amount earlier than the stipulated time.

Note 04: If the applicant fails to repay the sanctioned loan within the stipulated time, a penal interest at the rate of 2.50% will be charged along with the instalments.