Google’s new AI Model Gemini now available in Bard, here is how to use

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Google’s latest AI model, Gemini, has arrived, promising advanced language processing capabilities in three size options: Nano, Pro, and Ultra.

Gemini Nano is already integrated into Pixel 8 Pro, boosting features like Recorder app summarization and Gboard’s Smart Reply. This feature was previously available only on WhatsApp.

For free text-based interactions, Gemini Pro is now available within Bard, enhancing the chat experience. Users can access Bard’s website, sign in with their Google account (creation required if not already existing), and enjoy the advanced features of Gemini Pro.

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While Gemini Pro offers exciting possibilities, some limitations exist:

  • Currently available only in English: This restricts global accessibility.
  • Limited integration within Bard: Future updates are expected to enhance this integration and refine AI capabilities.
  • Not available in the European Union: Geographical restrictions apply.
  • Only text-based features are accessible within Bard: Multimedia interactions await future updates.

Despite these limitations, Gemini’s potential is undeniable. Its integration with Pixel phones and Bard marks a significant step forward in AI technology, paving the way for a future of rich and nuanced interactions between humans and machines.

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