Khan Study Group Fined ₹5 Lakh for Misleading UPSC Success Claims

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A coaching institute named Khan Study Group has settled a fine of ₹5 lakh imposed by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) for misleading advertisements. The CCPA had alleged that Khan Study Group had falsely claimed that 682 out of the 933 successful candidates of the Civil Services Examination 2022, including the top five rank holders, were their students. The coaching institute has now paid the fine and withdrawn the misleading advertisements.

The CCPA’s investigation into the matter revealed that Khan Study Group had deliberately concealed information about the courses opted by the successful candidates featured in their ads. Additionally, the coaching institute had failed to disclose the fees paid by these candidates and the length of the courses they had attended.

This penalty is part of a broader crackdown by the CCPA on misleading advertisements by IAS coaching institutes. In October, the CCPA said it was probing 20 such institutes for similar practices.

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