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Krishak Bakri Palan Yojnaa

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Goat farming is a traditional occupation of economically weaker segments of the society (small and marginal farmers, mainly nomads and landless labourers) in Himachal Pradesh. This species is considered to be major source of economic sustenance for these categories of people. Adaptability of goats to wide range of agro climatic conditions has rendered it suitable for poor farmers. Under this scheme it has been proposed to distribute units of 11 goats (10 females +1male), 5 goats (4 females +1 male) and 3 goats (2 females +1 male) of Beetal/Sirohi/Jamanapari/White Himalayan breeds on 60% subsidy.

The following is the implementation strategy:

  1. Goat units for providing under this scheme will be arranged from either within the state or neighboring states.
  2. District-wise targets along with funds will be provided to Deputy Directors (AH/B)/Controlling Officers of all districts.
  3. The demand in the form of applications from eligible farmers will be collected through Veterinary Officers, who will certify Eligibility criteria in respect of the applicant.
  4. The applicant will give an undertaking that he will not sell the allotted goat units at least for two years.
  5. The concerned Veterinary Officer, after verification, will submit all applications to the Senior Veterinary Officer of his/her area, who will send the applications to concerned Deputy Directors (AH/B) with recommendations.
  6. Beneficiaries will be selected on a first come first serve basis.
  7. The Deputy Directors (AH/B) will compile the demand and constitute a committee to procure goat units for distribution under the Scheme, arranged either from within the state or neighboring states and shall ensure F.O.R. delivery of goats to selected beneficiaries under intimation to the Directorate.
  8. The Deputy Directors (AH/B) will ensure to submit monthly physical/financial progress reports i.r.o. implementation of the scheme starting from the month of provision of funds to the District.
  9. The concerned Veterinary Officer will ensure periodic follow-up of the established goat units for their health care & treatment and submit a monthly/quarterly report to Deputy Director (AH/B) for further transmission to the directorate after compilation accordingly.


The benefit is to increase income generation opportunities for economically weaker segments of society as well as to increase meat production.

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  1. Farmers belonging to all categories like general/SC/ST/BPL/Women and Landless persons of Himachal Pradesh are eligible.
  2. Training/awareness in skills of goat husbandry is mandatory for all applicants. Concerned Senior Veterinary Officer will provide training to interested persons/applicants.
  3. Training/awareness in skills of goat husbandry is mandatory for all applicants. Concerned Senior Veterinary Officer will provide training to interested persons/applicants.

The preference will be given to:

  1. Unemployed SC, ST, Women and General category persons. At least 30 percent beneficiaries should be women.
  2. Families where no member is in Government job.
  3. Persons with annual income not exceeding 2 lakh per annum.
  4. Persons/farmers who have built their own goat sheds or built under MGNREGA.

Application Process


The applicant has to fill the online form on the website.

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Documents Required

The copy of following documents are required:

  1. Bank Passbook
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Unemployment Certificate
  4. BPL Certificate
  5. Training Certificate
  6. Cast Certificate (if SC, ST))
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