Loan Based Schemes For Safai Karamchari – General Term Loan (GTL)

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A general term loan scheme by the Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment for Safai Karamchari, Manual Scavengers, and their dependents aged 18 years and above.

Term loan:

Up to 90% of the unit cost with a maximum unit cost of Rs.15.00 lacs at an interest rate of 6%, for any viable income generating schemes including sanitation-related activities.


  1. Under this scheme, term loans are extended through State Channelising Agencies (SCA), Regional Rural Banks(RRBs), and Nationalised Banks to the target group.
  2. Under this scheme assistance is provided for any viable income generating schemes including sanitation-related activities with a maximum project cost of Rs.15.00 lac.


Term loan:

  • Up to 90% of the unit cost with a maximum unit cost of Rs.15.00 lacs at an interest rate of 6%, for any viable income generating schemes including sanitation-related activities.

Repayment period:

  • Up to 10 years after an implementation period of 4 months and a moratorium of 6 months and from the date of loan disbursement depending on the viability/profitability and repaying capacity of the unit.
  • A General Term loan can be provided up to a maximum of 90% of the unit cost. The remaining 10% share is to be provided by the State Channelising Agencies in the form of loan, subsidy or promoter’s contribution, or any other available funds sources.
  • Promoter’s contribution is not insisted upon for projects costing up to Rs.2.00 lac
  • For projects costing more than Rs.2.00 lac, the minimum promoter’s contribution insisted by NSKFDC from the beneficiaries is 5%.


  • Loans are extended through Channelizing Agencies (CAs) i.e. State Channelizing Agencies (SCAs), Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), and Public Sector Banks (PSBs) to the target group.


The following person(s)/entities shall be considered eligible for availing of financial assistance under the various schemes of NSKFDC:-

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  • Safai Karamcharis (including Wastepickers), identified Manual Scavengers and their dependents.
  1. Registered co-operative societies of the target group.
  2. Legally constituted association/firm promoted by the target group, and
  3. Persons, who produce a certificate from local Revenue Officer/local Municipal Officer/Cantonment Executive Officer/ Railway Officer, Head of the Govt. Departments (i.e. Schools, Colleges, Forest, Health, Education, Animal Husbandry) having rank not less than Gazetted Officer, Elected Members of Municipal Body, Pradhan of Gram Panchayats and Regional Managers of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs)/Public Sector Banks (PSBs). However, under the MS Act, 2013, a person identified as Manual Scavenger in a survey, need not to provide any certificate once his/her name appeared in the final list of Manual Scavengers prepared by State Governments/Union Territory Administration (, ).
  4. Mukhia/ Sarpanch/ President or any other authority equivalent to Pradhan of Gram Panchayat for issue of Occupation Certificate to Safai Karamcharis/ dependants; and In case of Municipal Bodies without Gazetted Officers, the head of such Municipal Bodies, may be the Competent Authority.

Application Process


Interested eligible person shall contact nearest Channeling Agency



Loan applications are submitted by the applicants to the district offices of SCAs of NSKFDC of RRBs and Nationalised Banks.These applications are then sent to the head offices where the project proposal is appraised by SCA/RRBs/Nationalised Banks and the projects are sent back to NSKFDC along with recommendations.The Project Appraisal Committee of NSKFDC then appraises the proposals and after finding them in order places it in front of their board of directors for their approval.Once the board of directors approves the project, the letter of sanction is issued by SCAs/ RRBs/Nationalised Banks.Once all the terms and conditions have been accepted, the necessary documents and funds are then released to the concerned beneficiaries. NSKFDC released the funds with the receipt of demand being made from the SCAs/ RRBs/Nationalised Banks after taking into consideration all the parameters of release as per the Lending Policies & Guidelines (LPG) of NSKFDC

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Documents Required

Indicative Documents

  1. Aadhaar Card (not mandatory)
  2. Occupation Certificate
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