Loans for Tools (MBOCWWB)


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The “Loans for Tools” scheme is implemented by the Meghalaya Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (MBOCWWB), Labour Department, Government of Meghalaya. Under the scheme, a onetime grant will be granted to all members of the fund for the purchase of tools subject to the conditions. The members of the fund who have completed 3 years of membership in the fund and those who remit contributions regularly will be eligible for this loan.


  1. Under this scheme, registered building and construction workers will receive a one-time grant of up to ₹10,000/- for the purchase of tools.


  1. The beneficiary should be a resident of Meghalaya.
  2. The beneficiary should be engaged in any building or other construction work.
  3. The beneficiary should be registered under the Meghalaya Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.
  4. The beneficiary who has completed 3 years of membership in the fund will be eligible for this loan.
  5. The beneficiary who remits contributions regularly will be eligible for this loan.
  6. The beneficiary should have completed 55 years.

Note 01: Operation and maintenance of the tool shall be the sole responsibility of the beneficiary, and the Board shall not be responsible for any after-sales service, parts, or accessories.

Note 02: The grant shall be sanctioned subject to the production of a valid cash memo or voucher from an authorized dealer by the BOCW beneficiary and the tools shall be produced before an official of the Board for inspection & photograph.

Note 03: The Board shall emboss a mark (logo or serial No) onto the tool after production & inspection. A tool so marked cannot be produced again for any subsequent claim(s).

Note 04: A beneficiary is prohibited from selling the tools purchased and shall not be entitled to a second grant.

Note 05: The loan amount shall be recovered in not more than sixty installments.