Madhu Babu Pension Yojana

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Launched on 1st January 2008, the “Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY)” is a Pension Scheme by the Women & Child Development Department, Government of Orissa. The scheme is applicable throughout the State of Orissa. All the beneficiaries being covered under the “State Old Age Pension Scheme, 1989” and the “Orissa Disability Pension Scheme, 1985” in the State at present will be treated as beneficiaries under MBPY and will be provided a pension of upto ₹ 700/- per month.


  1. For the beneficiary who is between 60-79 years of age, the pension would be ₹ 500/- per month.
  2. For the beneficiary who is 80 Years and Above in age, the pension would be ₹ 700/- per month.
  3. The pension will be disbursed on the 15th of every month, on “JANA SEWA DlWAS” in the denomination of ₹ 100/-.


1. The applicant should qualify for one of the following –

a) The age of the applicant is 60 years and above.

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b) The applicant is a Widow.

c) The applicant is a leprosy patient with visible signs of deformity.

d) The applicant is a person of 5 years of age or, above and unable to do normal work due to his/her deformity or disability being blind or, orthopedically handicapped, mentally retarded, with cerebral palsy.

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e) The applicant is the widow of an AIDS patient.

f) The applicant is an AIDS patient identified by the State / District AIDS Control Society (irrespective of income as under Rule 6 (b).

2. The applicant has family income from all sources not exceeding ₹ 24,000/- per annum.

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3. The applicant is a permanent resident/domicile of Odisha.

4. The applicant is not in receipt of any other pension from the union Government or the state government or any organization aided by either Government.

Application Process



Step 1: The Application Form may be obtained from the Office of the Block Development Officer of the Block or, the Executive Officer, Municipality / NAC, Gram Panchayat Head Quarters free of cost.

Step 2: The duly filled application in the prescribed form in triplicate along with the required documents shall be submitted to the Block Development Officer in the rural areas or, to the Executive Officer of the N.A.C./ Municipality in the urban areas or, to the Officer disbursing the Pension at the disbursement place.

Step 3: Obtain acknowledgment of receipt on the spot.

Step 4: The application will be submitted to the Block Development Officer for entry in Register in Form-MBPY-Il (Gram Panchayat-wise) maintained at the Block level in order of priority based on the date and time of receipt of application at either end.


Step 1: On receipt of the application, the B.D.O. of the Block will get it entered in the Register in Form-MBPY-II through the Social Educational Organizer.

Step 2: He shall then cause it to be enquired through the concerned Extension Officer of the Block who has been assigned with the concerned Gram Panchayat / Urban Body for supervision. In the case of urban areas, the assistance of the Executive Officer of the Municipality / N.A.C. may be taken by the Extension Officer for inquiry of the application.

Step 3: Each Extension Officer, on receipt of the application from the B.D.O. will enquire into the eligibility of the applicant, scrutinize the documents enclosed thoroughly with personal contact with the certifying officer and record his findings on the body of the application in the appropriate place and forward the same to the B.D.O. within a period of 15 days.

Step 4: After the applications are received from the Extension Officer, the Block Development Officer shall personally scrutinize the applications and recommend them to the Sub-Collector within a period of 15 days in order of priority for sanction.

Step 5: The Sub-Collector shall maintain the Register in form MBPY-III in order of priority of the applications as indicated by the B.D.O. Gram Panchayat-wise / Block-wise / N.A.C.-wise / Municipality-wise.


Step 1: The Sub-Collector, on receipt of the application, shall get them examined not exceeding a period of fifteen days. He may either sanction payment of a pension or, reject the applications with a clear mention of reasons for rejection or, seek clarification on any of the points in doubt. The Sub-Divisional Social Welfare Officer shall assist the Sub-Collector in the timely disposal of the applications and maintenance of the Register in Form-MBPY-III.

Step 2: Applications sanctioned/rejected/clarification sought by the Sub-Collector shall be returned to the Block Development Officer concerned who in turn shall clarify the queries of the Sub-Collector and resubmit for sanction/rejection within seven days.

Step 3: The Block Development Officer shall send a copy of the sanction order with the Photo Identity Card in form (MBPY-V) or, the rejection order to the applicant within a week of the receipt of such order Under Certificate of Posting under intimation to the Executive officer concerned where necessary.


Payment of pension in full shall commence from the first of the month following the month of sanction as per their priority in the Register. in form MBPY-II subject to the accrual of vacant slots due to the death of a pensioner or otherwise or, the increase in targeted no. of beneficiaries in respect of that particular Gram Panchayat / Urban Local Body.

Documents Required

1. Three identical attested copies of recent passport-size photographs (for all categories of MBP).

2. Certificate regarding total annual family income from the concerned Tahasildar (for all, except WP-AIDS / DP-AIDS)

3. Disability Certificate issued by the competent authority with due mention of the latest percentage of disability or, such for the applicants of pension due to disability(for DP category)

4. Medical Certificate regarding suffering from Leprosy and loss of limbs and being unable to do normal works from the competent authority / Medical Officer Local P.H.C. / Hospital duly countersigned by the concerned Block Development Officer / Tahasildar (for CLP).

5. Recommendation from Orissa State AIDS Control Society (for DP-AIDS)

6. Proof of age in respect of the applicant (for OAP / DP categories) (Electoral Roll of the Gram Panchayat / N.A.C./ Municipality OR School Leaving Certificate OR Birth Registration Certificate). NOTE: If none of the above are available/dependable the age certificate from a Medical Officer not below the rank of an Assistant Surgeon of the nearest P.H.C./ Hospital may be obtained.

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