National Mission on Edible Oils- Oil Palm

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The State Department of Agriculture, State Department of Horticulture, Central University, ICAR Institutions, CDDs, SAUs, KVKs, Central Agencies/Cooperatives, Oil palm processors/ Associations, DD Kisan, etc. will be the implementing stake holders of the NMEO-Oil palm.

The Department of Agriculture/Horticulture of the State Governments will be the Nodal agency for undertaking area expansion programme of Oil Palm in their States with close partnership with Processors. The processors are also eligible for setting up of seed gardens and seed nurseries, distribution of planting material etc.

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The funds will be released to the State Departments of Agriculture/Horticulture through their respective State Governments. DBT will be used for transfer of funds to the State /Agencies/ Farmers/Processors/SAUs. The private sectors and NGOs could be involved through the State Department of Agriculture, Horticulture & ICAR.

Assistance will be provided for the following components:

• Area Expansion

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• Planting Material

• Maintenance

• Intercropping

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• Drip irrigation/ Pump-set/ Borewell/ Water harvesting structure

• Harvesting Tools

• Custom Hiring Center

• Seed Gardens

• Seed Nursery

• Oil Palm processing Mill

• Replanting of Oil Palm garden

• Half moon terrace

• Fencing


The scheme targets to provide following benefits:

1) Enhance production and productivity of oilpalm

2) Promotion and extension of improved technologies.

3) Provision of quality planting material

4) Support for nutrient management and pest management

5) Provision of various components for Interventions covering farm implements/ machines, capacity building of farmers, water carrying pipes, Fertigation, harvesting technology, etc.


Anyone is eligible to apply under the scheme.

Application Process


Step 01: Interested beneficiary can get in touch with District Agriculture Officer / Block Agriculture Officer to apply for the scheme.

Step 02: SLSC will finalise the entrepreneur’s proposals received from the districts. The allocation of funds to the States would be made on the basis of their Annual Action Plan (AAP).

Step 03: State government shall sanction and release funds to the district.

Step 04: District agriculture department will allocate funds to individual beneficiaries

Documents Required

1) ID Proof

2) Land documents

3) Bank details

4) Photographs

The specific documents for availing the benefits of the program may vary depending on the type of intervention and the state. It is recommended to consult with the relevant authorities for detailed information on documents to be submitted.

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