Pashu Bima Yojana


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The scheme ‘Pashu Bima Yojna’ was launched by the Directorate of Dairy Development, Government of Bihar. The scheme aims to insure the milch cattle of all categories of cattle owners against serious diseases like chronic skin disease, HSBQ. In case of death for other reasons providing financial security to the livestock farmers against the financial loss caused by livestock insurance and improve the rural economy. The implementation of the scheme will be done by the District Rural Development Officer in all the districts of the state.


  • It will help in the economic progress of the cattle rearers of the state.
  • The scheme will be helpful in capital formation.
  • Gavya will be helpful in managing the business.
  • Long term goals can be accomplished.


  • The maximum price per milch cattle has been fixed at ₹60,000/-.
  • The total amount of insurance at the rate of 3.5 percent will be ₹2,100/-.
  • The insurance company will insure milch cattle for 01 year.
  • The insurance company will fit the data ear tags in the milch cattle.

Note 01: 75% amount of ₹1,575/- will be paid by the state government as a grant and the remaining 25% amount of ₹525/- will be paid by the cattle farmers to the insurance company.
Note 02: The responsibility for the safety of milch cattle will be on the beneficiary.


  1. The beneficiary should be a farmer of milch cattle.
  2. The beneficiary should be a member of the Milk Producer Cooperation Committee.
  3. The milch cattle should be healthy at the time of insurance.