Paytm launches Guaranteed Seat Assistance, Now you can get confirm train ticket easily

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Paytm has introduced a new feature, ‘Guaranteed Seat Assistance,’ for train ticket bookings. It ensures users secure a confirmed seat on their chosen train, even during peak demand times like Diwali, effectively eliminating concerns about ticket availability and lengthy waitlists. This feature not only offers confirmed seats but also presents users with various train choices, enhancing their travel experience.

What is Guaranteed Seat Assistance?

In case of unavailability of train tickets or waitlisted tickets from your searched boarding point, Guaranteed Seat Assistance suggests route options or the next best alternative to ensure that you get a confirmed ticket.

Example: If you are not getting confirm ticket from New Delhi to Mumbai then you can try ticket from Ghaziabad to Mumbai. Since New Delhi is a busy railway station, there are chances that you can get ticket from Ghaziabad.

With Guaranteed Seat Assistance, you can also:

  1. Book ticket from an earlier station but still travel on your desired route.
  2. Book ticket to a later station but still travel on your desired route.
  3. Book ticket from an earlier station to a later station but still travel on your desired route.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use this new feature on Paytm.

  • Step 1: Search for trains for your desired route on the Paytm App.
  • Step 2: Below the train details, you can find the ‘Alternative Station’ options for train ticket booking.
  • Step 3: Book the tickets from the alternative stations suggested, while specifying your desired boarding station, and get confirmed tickets.
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