Scholarship Scheme for Girl Children of Jute Mills / MSMEs Workers

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The National Jute Board Act, 2008, provides to “secure better working conditions and provisions and improvement of amenities and incentives for workers engaged in the jute industry” under Section, 5(2)(xxii) for the welfare of workers in jute-producing units. In line with the same, NJB is going to extend support to the workers’ families to motivate them towards educating their girl children, a scholarship scheme as a Workers’ Welfare measure.

Objectives of the Scheme:

The objectives of the Scholarship Scheme for Girl Children of Jute Mills / MSMEs Workers are:

  • To provide financial incentive to the girl children of the workers of the Jute Mills/MSMEs, upon passing the Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations to encourage them to acquire the minimum required education for making them employable;
  • To encourage workers to work in the jute industry and to remain there for longer period, hence help reduce workers’ attrition rate, which is big problem of the Industry;
  • To help Jute Mills/MSME units to face lesser labour problems;
  • The enhance Millers-Workers relationship.
  • To make the workers feel socially protected through such welfare measures for their children;
  • To support women empowerment through Girl Children education.


  • Secondary Education (for Girls only ): ₹ 5,000/- (Five thousand) 
  • Higher Secondary Education (for Girls only): ₹ 10,000/- (Ten thousand)


  • Scholarship to the girl children on Passing out the Examination in 2021(2021-22), 2022 (2022-23), 2023 (2023-24), 2024 (2024-25), 2025 (2025-26) – Total 5 Years (2021-26) 15th Finance Commission period.
  • The scheme will be applicable to the girl children of the workers of Jute Mills and MSME – JDP units engaged in the production of jute products.
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