Single Point Registration Scheme


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The scheme “Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS)” was started by the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) to participate in Government Purchases. The units enlisted under this scheme of NSIC are eligible to get the benefits under the Public Procurement Policy for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) Order 2012 as notified by the Government of India, Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises, New Delhi vide Gazette Notification dated 23.03.2012 and amendment vide order no. S.O. 5670(E) dated 9th November 2018.


  1. Issue of the Tender Sets free of cost.
  2. Exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD).
  3. In tender participating MSEs quoting price within a price band of L1+15 percent shall also be allowed to supply a portion up to 25% of the requirement by bringing down their price to L1 Price where L1 is non-MSEs.
  4. Every Central Ministries/Departments/PSUs shall set an annual goal of a minimum of 25% of the total annual purchases of the products or services produced or rendered by MSEs. Out of the annual requirement of 25% procurement from MSEs, 4% is earmarked for units owned by Schedule Caste /Schedule Tribes, and 3% is earmarked for the units owned by Women entrepreneurs. SPRS-registered units are an integral part of the supply chain to the Government.
  5. In addition to the above, 358 items are also reserved for exclusive purchase from the MSE Sector (List is given below in the download section).
  6. Provides access to many schemes & benefits.


  1. All Micro & Small Enterprises having a Udyam Registration are eligible for registration with NSIC under its Single Point Registration Scheme (SPRS).
  2. Micro & Small Enterprises who have already commenced their commercial production but have not completed one year of existence. The Provisional Registration Certificate can be issued to such Micro & Small Enterprises under the Single Point Registration scheme with a monitory limit of ₹5.00 Lacs.

Fresh registration criteria

  1. Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) involved in manufacturing & Services are eligible for registration. To know about a new definition of MSME, Click Here
  2. Traders are not eligible for registration under this Scheme.
  3. The validity of the SPRS Certificate is 2 years from the date of registration and thereafter renewed every two years.
  4. MSEs already commenced their commercial production (Start-Ups) but have not completed one year of existence are eligible for Provisional Registration for one year. MSEs can apply for full registration after completion of one year.

Renewal Criteria

  1. The validity of the SPRS Certificate is of 2 years from the date of registration and the MSE unit can apply for renewal 6 months before the expiry of the certificate.
  2. MSEs coming for renewal before the expiry of the SPRS certificate get a discount of 50% on the renewal fee.
  3. MSE units having no change from the previously issued Certificate can apply for renewal online.


The MSEs engaged in the following activities are not eligible for registration under the Single Point Registration Scheme:-

  1. Manufacture of Medicine and drugs except for MSE (unit) engaged in manufacturing and supply of Ayurvedic, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathic Medicines
  2. Wholesale trading, Retail Trading or commission agents
  3. The MSEs who have been blacklisted till expiry of such period.
  4. The proprietor/partner/director/Karta of the MSEs has been convicted of any criminal offense.