Suniel Shetty ‘never studied beyond bachelor’s degree,’ shares that education could have helped him

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In a recent post on LinkedIn, Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty candidly shared his thoughts on the value of higher education. While acknowledging his own success without a master’s degree, Shetty expressed his belief that further education would have enriched his life in several meaningful ways.

Shetty explained that pursuing higher education was not common during his youth. Despite financial limitations, his parents prioritized education and sent his sisters abroad for their studies. However, due to his early entry into full-time work, education wasn’t actively encouraged in his case.

Despite lacking formal qualifications, Shetty acknowledged the valuable lessons learned through his career. He highlighted the privilege of working with highly educated individuals, especially during his entrepreneurial ventures and involvement with startups over the past two decades.

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However, Shetty also recognized that further education could have significantly enhanced his capabilities in specific areas. He identified strategic planning, resilience, and adaptability as crucial skills that formal education could have fostered within him.

Overall, Shetty’s message serves as a thoughtful reflection on the importance of education, acknowledging its potential to enhance individual capabilities and unlock new opportunities in life.

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