Territorial Army Officer Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Negative Marking [PDF]

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Territorial Army officer notification 2023 has been released. You can check exam pattern, syllabus, total marks, negative marking given below and prepare accordingly.

Territorial Army Officer 2023 Exam Pattern

Reasoning25252 hrs
Elementary Mathematics2525
General Knowledge2525

Territorial Army Officer Negative Marking

Penalty for Wrong Answers: For each question for which a wrong answer has been given by the candidate, one-third (0.33%) marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. Question marked for review will be treated as unanswered.

Territorial Army Officer Syllabus 2023: Reasoning

Alphanumeric series, Reasoning Analogies, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Data Sufficiency, Director Test, Figure Matrix, Odd one out, statement and Assumption, Decision Making, Statement, and conclusion, Deductive Statement Analysis, syllogism.

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Territorial Army Officer Syllabus 2023: Elementary Mathematics

ArithmeticNumbers, H. C. F and L. C. M of numbers, Decimal Fractions, Simplification, Square roots and Cube Roots, Average, Problems on Ages, Surds and Indices, Problems on Numbers.
Unitary MethodPercentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Pipes and Cistern, Problems on Train, Alligation or Mixture.
Elementary Number TheoryPrime and composite numbers, Division algorithm, Tests of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 & 11. Division Algorithm, Multiples, and factors, series, factorization theorem, Basic Formula, Euclidean algorithm, laws of logarithms, logarithms to base 10, use of logarithmic tables.
AlgebraBasic Algebra Ideas, working with rational numbers, remainder theorem, solving an equation, solution of quadratic equation, Theory of Polynomials, linear equation, Factoring of Integers, laws of Indices, rational expressions, and conditional identities.
TrigonometrySine x, cos x, tan x, values of sine, cos, tan for 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, solving equations using the values, trigonometric table, problems on and distance.
GeometryTriangle and its various kinds of centres, Congruence and similarity of triangles, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygon, Right Prism and Hemispheres, Circle and its chords, Angles subtended by chords of a circle, tangents, Common tangents to two or more circles, Right Circular Cone, Sphere, Cylinder, Right Circular Cylinder, Regular Right Pyramid with Triangular base or Square base, Rectangular Parallelepiped
MensurationAreas of triangle, squares, rectangles, circle, and parallelograms. Areas of various diagrams that can bisect into the geometric shapes. Surface area and volume of cuboids, Surface area and volume of spheres, lateral surface, and volume of a right circular area of cylinders.
StatisticsTabulation of statistical data, bar charts, pie charts, line graph, histogram, Measures of central tendency.

Territorial Army Officer Syllabus 2023: General Knowledge

History of India, Geography, Science, Economics, Political Science, Sports, Current Affairs, Everyday observation, scientific discoveries, Miscellaneous

Territorial Army Officer Syllabus 2023: English

Grammar, Vocabulary, One Word Substitutions, Homophones, Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms And Phrases, Reading Comprehension, Fill in the blanks, Spotting the Error, Sentence Rearrangement and Para jumbles, Sentence Correction.

Territorial Army Officer Syllabus PDF

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